Inscribed tombstone

Record number: CHEGM: 1999 6 91

Object name: inscribed tombstone

Description: Upper part of a tombstone, broken into several fragments, in cream-coloured sandstone, perhaps from the Manley quarries. A rectangular panel contains the figures in low relief of horse and rider led towards the right by an attendant. The rider holds an oval shield at shoulder level in his left hand. His right hand is vacant. He sits on a small saddle with prominent back and front, resting on a large saddle cloth. His horse is a high-stepper, with well groomed mane. The attitude and proportions are highly reminiscent of Greek models. The attendant, in Greek fashion, wears a pointed hat, but other features are somewhat defaced. Above the panel a little gabled shrine contains the bust of the deceased, and is flanked on each side by a lion devouring a ram's head, an allegory of death. (The relief is based on a Greek original in archaic style, different from the Hellenistic type of cavalryman which lies behind the ordinary Rider relief).

The man may have been a member of the small cavalry squadron attached to the legion.

Period: Roman

Place found: North Wall (West), Chester

Date: 1891

Material: stone

Dimensions: height 42 inches; width 28 inches

Sextus Sexti filius Fab(ia tribu) Brix[ia] Simil[...
Sextus Simil[...], son of Sextus, of the Fabian voting-tribe, from Brixia,...
Brixia is now Brescia in northern Italy. Latin

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