Inscribed tombstone

Record number: CHEGM: 1999 6 61

Object name: inscribed tombstone

Description: Fragments of a tombstone with square-headed niche hung with swags across the top corners. A standing cloaked figure fills the panel, but the carving in relief has been chiselled down. Below is the beginning of the inscription. Also, on the visible portion of the frontal edge of the right side of the stone are three incised mason's tools, a mason's square, a plummet, and an instrument resembling compasses or callipers.

Period: Roman

Place found: North Wall (West), Chester

Date: 12.1890

Material: stone

Dimensions: height 47 inches; width 29 inches

Inscription: D M / AN FELICIS VET / VIX [A]N LX[X]X
D(is) M(anibus) An(ni) Felicis vet(erani) vix(it) [a]n(nos) lx[x]x
To the departed spirits of Annius Felix, veteran, who lived 80 years.

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