Inscribed tombstone

Record number: CHEGM: 1999 6 54 2

Object name: inscribed tombstone

Description: Tombstone of Legion XX Valeria Victrix. Part of a tombstone of Welsh slate; flaking away when found.

Period: Roman

Place found: Chester

Date: 1933

Material: stone

Dimensions: height 34 inches; width 28 inches

Inscription: ANB / STUS / G SIG / VV STI / ANNOR / H C
[Dis M]an[i]b(us) [...]stus [...]g(...) sig(nifer) [leg(ionis) XX] V(aleriae) V(ictricis) sti(pendiorum) [...]annor(um) [...] h(eres) c(uravit)
To the spirits of the departed, [...]stus of ..., standard-bearer of the Twentieth Legion Valeria Victrix, of ... years' service, aged ... years; his heir had this set up.

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