Building dedication

Record number: CHEGM: 1999 6 15 2

Object name: building dedication

Description: Part of a slate commemorative tablet.

Period: Roman

Robert Newstead

Place found: Edgar's Field, Chester

Date: 1927

Material: stone

Dimensions: height 9 inches; width 8 inches; depth 1 inch

Inscription: SE / IM / PATRE / COS
[Imp(eratore) Caes(are) L(ucio) Sept(imio) Se[vero trib(unicia) pot(estate) ...] im[p(eratore) ... co(n)s(ule) ...] patre [patriae pro] co(n)s(ule) [...
Under the Emperor Caesar Lucius Septimius Severus, in his...year of tribunician power, ...times acclaimed Imperator, ...times consul, father of his country, proconsul...

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