Building dedication

Record number: CHEGM: 1999 6 15 1

Object name: building dedication

Description: Two fragments of slate from a commemorative slab, with 6 inch letters in line 2. It seems to have recorded the rebuilding in stone of the defences of the fortress under Trajan.

Period: Roman

Place found: Kaleyards Postern, Chester

Date: 1884

Material: stone

Dimensions: height 15 inches; width 11 inches; width 1 1/2 inches

Inscription: IM / NE / D
Im[p(erator) Caes(ar) divi Nervae f(ilius)] Ne[rva Traianus Aug(ustus) Germ(anicus)] D[ac(icus) ...
The Emperor Caesar Nerva Trajan, Augustus, conqueror of Dacia, son of the deified Nerva,...

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