Inscribed tombstone

Record number: CHEGM: 1999 6 110

Object name: inscribed tombstone

Description: Tombstone. It is broken at the top of the niche and across the feet of the figures. In a round-headed niche, which widens clumsily towards the top, stand two figures, a man with his wife on his right. They are so mutilated as to defy description. On the left side the field had been cut away to leave in relief the tools for a mason, adze, punch, pick and plummet. The panel below the man is blank, there is an inscription in the panel below the woman.

Period: Roman

Place found: North Wall (East), Chester

Date: 8.1887

Material: stone

Dimensions: height 62 inches; width 37 inches

Inscription: DOMIT / TURNI / A VIX / NN XLI
Domit(ia) [Sa]turni [n]a vix(it) [a]nn(os) xli
Domitia Saturnina lived 41 years.

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